How to make Your Own Unique Memorials for Your Lost Pet


Pets generally become a part of the family and losing them will be like losing one of the members of the family. The best way to pay respect to the pets and having them in remembrance is by memorials. You may want to avail the memorial service of LCMemorials but there are also various ways of creating memorials and showing love to our pets. Only some of the memorials types can be long standing. Here are some ways of creating long lasting memorials for our favorite pet.


  1. Planting a tree – Trees live for years and years, generation after generations. Planting a tree in the name and remembrance of our pet will be the most long lasting memorial. The planting of trees is also good for the environment and while creating memorial, we also contribute in saving the environment.
  2. Fur into New Things – This is another great idea to create a lasting memorial. We can use the fur of our pet in making something memorable. We can use the fur to stitch pillows; jackets etc and this will be with us forever in the memory of the pet.
  3. Laser Engraved Plaque – A plaque is the most common and everlasting memorial. Creating a plaque with your pet’s face and hanging it on the walls of the room will be everlasting memorial. A feel of the pet living with us will always be there with the help of these plaques.
  4. Lockets – Customized jewelry’s are the new cool. A jewelry can be lockets, rings etc.  These can be made of the pet’s ashes in the locket, its photo in the ring and lockets etc. This will give a feel of the pet always around us.
  5. Photo Book – A Photo Book or an album is the collections of all the photos of the pet.  Taking together all the photos of the pet and making a book will bring back the best memories while browsing through it.
  6. Photo Frame – Photo Frames are very common item in the drawing room of every household. Having the photo of the pet in the photo frame will give us a memory of it whenever we look into it. This can bring back great memories shared with the lovable creature.
  7. Memory Catcher – This is one of the least followed techniques. Dump in all the items related to the pet like its photo, brush, soaps, combs, toys etc in a trunk or a suitcase and whenever you miss the pet, just open it and get your memory refreshed. This is the easiest and the most efficient way to have a memorial for the pet. And works out cheap too and greatly effective.
  8. Taxidermy – Ever heard of it? It is the process of cleaning up your pet and stuffing it up to make it into a toy. The ones who do it are the taxidermists who charge up to $2000 dollars depending upon the size of the pet. Even after the pet is gone, you can share the bed with it in form of a toy.


Hence, these are some of the ways to keep your dear one always close to your memory even after it is gone.